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Chocolate Mint Day

You may or may not not know that our other passion besides design and digital marketing is fitness and nutrition. We’ve already blogged about our ketogenic lifestyle and our dislike of sugar. Since today is Mint Chocolate Day, we thought it was a good opportunity to show you what our indulgent treats are as we don’t eat cakes, biscuits or sweets which are a standard go-to choice if you need a fix. As confectioners feel it necessary to add masses of sugar into treats, we found an alternative with no added sugar – these are the Plamil ‘No Added Sugar’ Chocolate range. They’re sweetened with Xylitol. Xylitol is a well-known ingredient to most diabetics. Xylitol is known to have benefits in oral health and therefore ideal for those who do not want sugar replaced by chemical alternatives.

So, if you’re looking to give up something like sugar for Lent, or need a helping hand with your new year’s resolution of maybe eating healthier, these are definitely worth a loo. We love them! We get ours from Holland & Barrett in town, they come in different flavours (including coffee – which is equally as nice!).

Let us know what you think!