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In February 2013, we decided to not consume sugar any longer. We have an interest in training, fitness, nutrition and supplementation, and after careful consideration and research we decided to try out the ketogenic diet. It was a bold step and not an easy one either. Basically the diet is strict, no sugar, very limited natural sugar (fruits etc) and again very limited carbohydrates – mainly the ones found in vegetables – but no starchy carbs (carrots, potatoes etc) and high fat. You eventually train your body to burn fat for energy, rather than carbs and sugar.

The first week was hard, we literally went cold turkey and it is amazing what has sugar in it. If you look at the ingredients on anything and sugar is listed, you’re not allowed it! This meant eating clean – making EVERYTHING from scratch, knowing EXACTLY what is in it.

We were really strict and we saw crazy results within a month. Shedding a stone in weight and lowering our body fat percentages considerably. 3 months in results were dramatic. By 6 months we had reached our personal goals, but instead of coming off the diet and reverting back to old ways, we treated it as a lifestyle. No junk food, sugar but a steady increase in clean carbs (like sweet potatoes – not crisps, biscuits or bread). Reason for this is because we upped our training programs and intensity, so we needed the extra ‘fuel’.

People who know us are probably sick to death of us harping on about it, but we learned a lot and it was a real wake up call. People get so caught up on fats that they overlook sugar completely, and this is the worst thing!