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Speculative SEO Work

Speculative SEO Work

Came across this found on Adweek. Originally published almost a year ago by Zulu Alpha Kilo. Still very relevant today and still very relevant to us in the design and digital marketing field. Some quotes that ring true came mostly from the personal trainer on the video:

“We start providing our services from day one. So you pay for it from day one.” and “Do you do what you do for free?”

While the architect quotes “We’re professionals and we get paid for our time and expertise” – which is what we do. We’re paid to apply our knowledge and we are own own biggest critic. Why? Because we know what works and what doesn’t. How? By regularly checking analytics. Figures and statistics do not lie and cannot be hidden or ‘blagged’.

Good, hard SEO work comes at a price.

Don’t be scared off though, we want to work with you. We offer you an initial face to face consultation meeting to explain what we are offering and most importantly why we are offering it. We also offer a website audit which we consider to be the very foundations of good SEO work. By laying these early means no unforeseen problems further down the line. The only difference is it’s not like buying a coffee – you don’t have an immediate ‘product’, which is often quite off putting to prospective clients. Nothing will happen overnight but give it time and we absolutely assure you you will achieve what we set out to achieve.  We set realistic goals (often a scary thought as it’s a big commitment looking at it long term) not short term fixes (however making your website better is a ‘quick fix’ to some degree).

It’s common in our field of work that people want to ‘try before you buy’ but what we do doesn’t work like that. Anyone that knows us or has / is working with us knows we are passionate and capable. If we didn’t know what to do we wouldn’t be in business.

Check out the video: