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How Important Is It For You To Be On Page 1 Of Google?

Is it necessary to be on page 1 of Google?

Let’s face it. If you’re on page 1 of Google for whatever you do, then you’re either super lucky or are at legendary status in digital marketing and SEO. Question is, is it the be all and end all to be on the first page of Google?

We don’t EVER guarantee to get you there, but through hard graft we have managed the feat with some of our clients. This is something we’re very proud of. For us, I know we harp on about practicing what we preach but we ourselves aren’t on page 1 of Google. A majority of our work is from referrals so for us it is something we aspire to do, but have never felt it necessary to be on page 1 in order to secure business.

It is hard work.

Our original site for McTip IT before the rebrand took 4 years of effort to be on page 1. We’re still there now however The DM Lab site has only been live since June. Obviously we are working on being ranked but know it will not happen overnight. We apply and test every technique and method on ourselves to see what works and what doesn’t, but still, does it matter that you’re not on page 1? A lot of people get hung up being number 1. There are quick fixes out there but when these are identified (‘Black Hat’ methods) you will get penalized. Short term gain, long term loss. Then it’s even harder to claw your way back.

When you ‘Google’ a service or product, you do click the top ranked site.

Quite often you’ll click a couple of sites to gauge prices or to seek information. I do! I even go down to the bottom of page 1, page 2 sometimes but no further. If I still can’t find what I’m looking for I’ll refine the search. This makes me think that page 2 isn’t that bad. If you think of how many sites are fiercely competing to get anywhere within Google.

It’s all very well us saying this, as we’re on page 2, but if you find you’re not where you want to be, don’t be disappointed or disheartened. Come and have a chat with us to see what we can do. We’re only small but we are very dedicated and even more skilled. Whatever your budget we can help you, whether you use all of our services or just a few, there are so many different ways to help climb up the rankings or develop traffic through inbound marketing.

So, you must be truly desperate to be looking on page 2, mustn’t you?

Nah, we disagree 😉 Look at the accompanying Meme we made (based on one that already exists) which was the inspiration for this particular blog which really did get us thinking. Yes, we’re huge comic book / Marvel fans so it did make us smile!

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