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Work Experience Throughout 2022

Education to employment.

The DM Lab actively supports the idea of developing and retaining local talent in order to bridge the gap from education to employment

We are pleased to have been able to offer work placements throughout 2022. The placement supports students to develop their employability and real-world experience which we feel is priceless. As a business, we feel we offer greater opportunities than businesses far bigger than us. We want to show that it is worth your time and energy and certainly not seen as an inconvenience.

We are proud to be inspiring the next generation to work in our industry and helping to secure the development of the right skills and experience needed to work in our sector.  An industry placement is not only our chance to give back and help inspire the next generation to work in our industry.

Furthermore, our candidates also bring a range of benefits to our business:

Bringing a fresh perspective into our business and strengthen our recruitment pipeline

Our employees will have opportunities to hone their coaching and mentoring skills

Candidates act as an extra resource for our projects and day-to-day operations

Giving opportunities to candidates from a wide range of backgrounds can help to diversify our workforce

Shaping candidates to help to provide the workforce of tomorrow who will be able to address current and future skills shortages

Throughout 2022, we’ve been able to accommodate 5 opportunities for young people within our county.

Opportunities with a real outcome, not just collecting the mail and making hot drinks. Immersing these guys into a real working environment. Preparing them for what’s potentially ahead for them. Our thinking was instead of education to employment, why not education during employment? We are currently supporting our staff through apprenticeships and higher learning while at our workplace. Nothing beats hands on experience. It is a far better way of learning. Autonomously and independently. Getting stuck in is the only way to test your skills! We embrace this approach, nurturing and guiding our staff our way – not the way it ‘says so’ in a document created by someone with little knowledge of the industry which always frustrates us.

Check out our work experience class of ’22 here:

Adam – May 2022

Issey – June 2022

Sadie – July 2022

Billie – August 2022

Artur from St Mary's RC High School Working With Us

Artur – September 2022