Trustee of the Herefordshire Veteran Support Centre

Chris is excited to be joining the Herefordshire Veteran Support Centre as a Trustee! He is very passionate about the cause and the opportunity. Chris will look to bring his diverse skill set to help develop awareness for the Herefordshire Veteran Support Centre and for those that use its services. What is the Herefordshire Veteran […]

EU Business News Announce the Winners of the 2020 EU Enterprise Awards

Most Innovative Digital Media Marketing Agency – West Midlands! We’re delighted to announce that despite the troubles we’re all experiencing and enduring, The DM Lab has been named Most Innovative Digital Media Marketing Agency – West Midlands! We are proud to be named by the EU Business News’ European Enterprise Awards as a winner! Established […]

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

In yet another difficult time for any small business, we thought we’d focus on somethin positive – National Apprenticeship Week 2021. In 2018, we took a huge step with the development and growth of the business.. We whittled down several promising candidates for an apprenticeship to just two. The two we had to decide between […]

That’s it for 2020!

Well, the office is closed for the Christmas break, the out-of-office is on the emails so you know what that means… Yep, 50% of The DM Lab team are now working from home regardless of the Christmas break! It never stops for Chris and Dale so we’re on hand if anything pops up, but the […]

SME News’ Business Elite 2020 Winner

The DM Lab is proud to announce that we are the proud recipient of the Digital Marketing Agency of the Year – Herefordshire courtesy of the Business Elite Awards 2020. It has been a very unusual, testing year to run a business…Any business! Despite the challenges that trying to run a small business through a […]

Hereford City Council Website Redevelopment

The DM Lab was given a fantastic opportunity to redevelop the Hereford City Council website. Hereford City Council (the parish council – not to be confused with Herefordshire Council) are a fantastic organisation that have a genuine interest in bettering Herefordshire for its population. They don’t have the responsibility for delivering large and complex services […]

Joe’s First Month as a Digital Marketing Apprentice!

Joe has thoroughly enjoyed his first few weeks here at The DM Lab! Joe feels as though he has learned a lot about digital marketing already and that there’s still so much more to learn. He has spent a lot of time on WordPress implementing changes to a client’s website using both CSS and the […]

The Virtual Hereford River Carnival 2020!

Hereford River Carnival 2020 – adapt and overcome! The pandemic has thrown up numerous difficulties not only for us, but for every business. We’ve been able to manage most things. However, one thing that has been impacted severely this year is our ability to contribute to the community. We’ve had to manage our finances incredibly […]

Joe – Our Newest Apprentice

The DM Lab would like to introduce you to our newest apprentice – Joe Joe is our newest apprentice here at The DM Lab. He worked with The Development Manager to secure himself an Apprentice position here. He achieved a distinction* in a BTEC level 3 subsidiary diploma in IT as well as 2 A […]

Signing the Armed Forces Covenant

On July 20th – The DM Lab signed the Armed Forces Covenant! Throughout the recent developments and partnership with NMITE, we have been given a further opportunity to help our country’s veterans. We are demonstrating our support for the Armed Forces Community and have formally signed the Armed Forces Covenant. The courses we’ll be providing […]

Looking Toward the Future

Things were pretty rosy for us at the turn of the year. Harv graduated from his apprenticeship with a distinction, we were working with lots of awesome businesses and further expansion was on the cards. However, COVID-19 happened. We managed to continue working throughout lockdown from home. Easily done when you’re a digital company. We […]

The DM Lab are NMITE Digital Partners!

The DM Lab are proud to announce we’re now NMITE’s Digital Partners! Lockdown and the pandemic saw some dark times for many. However hard it seemed, we continued to focus on the positives and keep going. It was a matter of sink or swim for many. Even if that meant treading water for as long […]

We have joined the Herefordshire Green Network!

We have joined the Herefordshire Green Network! After recently assessing our corporate social responsibility and the businesses’ carbon footprint throughout lockdown, we have been interested to come back stronger and do even more. Not just pick up where we left off, but do even more. We have returned to the office to work following all […]

Our Contributions to the Community

Following the last few years of increased business success, The DM Lab can give even more back to support the community in the city of Hereford. Our involvements this year have taken a hit, however it is understandable as we concentrate on ensuring the business continues trading first and foremost. But we are passionate grass […]

The DM Lab is at Your Service!

The product we offer is a service. No actual tangible end product, just a quality marketing service. However, it is because of this that potential clients are sceptical or reluctant initially. What we do is trace and track EVERYTHING we do for them. Why? So we can, at any point, show them how well we […]

The Small Awards – Digital Star Finalist 2020!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve made The Small Awards shortlist for being a ‘Digital Star’! With everything that’s happening at the moment this is a real positive! We’ve been able to adapt to the circumstances and continue working from home. We know others haven’t been so lucky and we hope you find a way […]

Remain Relevant, Remain Present Through Lockdown

As you will have already experienced, these are uncertain times. People and businesses are facing the strain of the lockdown. Our city has changed and we need to change too to keep up. There is a heavy focus on digital which includes online networking. As Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, […]

Useful Resources to Improve Your Digital Presence

Small Business Owners – Adapt and Overcome COVID-19! Despite the radical changes we’ve had to undertake to continue delivering our award-winning service, we are very pleased to be able to say, 3 weeks in, that we are still very much able to continue working. We’re lucky that we’re able to say this as we know […]

Understanding Each of Your Customer’s Touchpoints

Hope you are all surviving in these incredibly strange times. We thought we’d put together a blog to help fellow small business owners understand each of your customer’s touchpoints. We’ve highlighted a few examples of how people are searching below. You yourself will be aware, but do this subconsciously – you don’t Google a product, […]

The Forgotten Part of the British Economy: COVID-19

As we know the country is in crisis, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic… Here at The DM Lab, we are all about paying it forward and supporting businesses / people as much as possible. The government has been working hard to cover as many people through these tough times. These are the employed, […]

Brand Loyalty During a Crisis is More Important Than Ever

Brand loyalty in a crisis is more important than ever. The DM Lab are here to help There’s a LOT of panic going on. We see that from both sides of the coin. How do we service our customers if what you sell is not a necessity? Simple. Take a step back. Re-evaluate. Doing nothing […]

Digital Marketer Level 3 – Distinction

Today, we received Harv’s Digital Marketer Level 3 – Distinction certificate! Something positive among the doom & gloom of the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re immensely proud of his efforts & this will be going on the wall alongside our other achievements. This business is nothing without the support of our clients, you & the staff that […]

The Show Must Go On…Here’s How We Want to Help

We are reaching out to those preparing (or currently dreading) the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on their businesses So, in the midst of one of the worst health scares of our lifetimes, we at The DM Lab have been thinking. We were stewing on how we can help people. Part of our mantra here […]